Today I Learned...

I make a lot of mistakes in life, but it's okay because we can all grow from my failures. Learn from me, children.

My Theory: I love you, and you should too.

Never think that you are not good enough. Never let someone else convince you of that. Never lose faith in who you are. Because I know that you’re worthwhile, and you should too.

Never let small-minded people make you feel small. Never let yourself be held back. Never underestimate your own potential. Because I know that you’re amazing, and you should too.

Never compare yourself to anyone else. Never let others tell you who you are or how you are supposed to be. Never put yourself down. Because I know that you’re perfect, just as you are, and you should too.

Be strong enough to block out the negative things and negative people in your life. Be confident enough to be yourself always. Be brave enough to follow your heart and reach for your dreams. 

There will always be those who don’t like you, who will try to break you down, who are rooting for you to fail. But they don’t matter.

There, too, will always be those who see the best in you, who are inspired by you, who will support you in all that you do, who want you to succeed. I am one of those people. We matter. You matter.

I know it isn’t always easy to love yourself, but it is so important. 

For now, just know that I love you. And I think you should too.